Everything for health, beauty and well-being. The whole world of JUST Tradition and quality is completely natural for us Swiss. Our future in Switzerland. We are a Swiss family company with headquarters in Walzenhausen, Alpenzeil. It goes without saying that we remain faithful to this location. An important step in that future was taken in 2013 when the go-ahead was given for the construction of a new office in Walzenhausen. The advanced new construction doubles the product area to 6500 m 2. This increases our capacity and creates valuable workplaces. Domestic raw materials are processed in Switzerland. JUST relies primarily on the Swiss plant world. We use the valuable ingredients for our own body and cosmetic products. This allows us to guarantee high quality, availability and security. Moreover, we set high standards in terms of environmental friendliness. With Just applies: It is good to know where it comes from. We rely on the power of nature in our homeland, Switzerland. Natural top quality From Switzerland, from Just.

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